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Are you a High School Senior or a College Student?

Young Women with Backpacks

High School Seniors

We want to be able to connect with High School Seniors before they even enter college. If you are a High School Senior and will be attending a college in Los Angeles, please connect with us!

College Students in Classroom

Current College Students

If you are already a college student and are looking for a Christian ministry, you are at the right place. We would love to connect with you!

Get Involved: Get Involved

Church Involvement

We are a Coalition and we believe every church and everyone can have an impact in Christ's mission to college campuses in Los Angeles!

Get Involved: Get Involved
Church Cross

Does Your Church Currently Have A College Ministry?

If your church does, we want to connect, collaborate, and coordinate with you! Please reach out to begin the conversation. We believe we are better together!

College Students

Is Your Church Interested In College Ministry

If your church is interested in participating in college ministry (in what is already happening) or even interested in starting their own to a local college, please reach out to begin the conversation. We believe every person and church has a part to play in mission to college campuses.


Are You An Individual Looking To Get Involved

Again, we believe everyone can make an impact for the sake of the Gospel. If you would like to see where you can get involved, please feel free to reach out!

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