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Acts of Love Initiative

Activating Christ-followers to serve housing and food insecure college students in Christ's Name!

The Vision:

In leveraging the God-given resources of the Body of Christ in partnership with existing services throughout LA, college students will experience the love of Christ and college student housing and food insecurity will cease to be an issue in Los Angeles.

We have a long-term, phased strategy to make an impact in Christ's Name! Right now, see below for the work that we do. 

Doug Kamin is the lead on this great initiative. Please contact him for any questions:

Painted Heart

Acts of Love Agape Community

This is a modest scholarship opportunity for students from California State University-Northridge, University of California, Los Angeles, or Pierce College.

This Scholarship is for students who are currently experiencing food and housing insecurity. 

This application process requires not only an application, but also attendance at a couple community gatherings. We value relationships and community. 

If you are a college student attending any of the aforementioned colleges, please find the application here:

Cooking Eggs

Free Cooking Classes

Many college students have never learned to truly cook for themselves before entering college. Many students are international students who are unfamiliar with American cooking. Our leader, Paula Sherrin, offers free cooking classes for up to 10 students at a time within her personal kitchen. This adds a personal and homey environment for everyone involved!

Stay tuned for specific dates for classes!

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