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Acts of Love Initiative

Loving students holistically and activating the Body of Christ to share Christ's abundance to under-resourced housing and food insecure college students

The Vision:

In leveraging the God-given resources of the Body of Christ in partnership with existing services throughout LA, college students will experience the love of Christ and new possibilities in their lives and college journey. Our prayer is that students will have no longer have issues accessing resources for the holistic well-being and housing and food insecurity will cease to be an issue in Los Angeles.

We have a long-term, phased strategy to make an impact in Christ's Name! Right now, see below for the work that we do. 

Doug Kamin and our Graduate Student Intern Team is the lead in this great work. Please contact him for any questions:

LOVE: Acts of Love Initiative: Programs

Our Latest  Work

Friendsgiving MicroCommunity Support Sum
Bag of Groceries
LOVE: Acts of Love Initiative: Projects
LOVE: Acts of Love Initiative: Services
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Donation Drives and Collections in Partnership with University Food Pantries and Basic Needs Committees

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