Our Acts of Love Initiative Hospitality Development

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Who We Are

We are the Los Angeles City Branch of the Pacific Southwest District Campus Mission Coalition!

The Coalition is a District Mission Initiative that exists to unite, resource, and multiple college missions in the Pacific Southwest District. We get to participate and lead in the Coalition's mission in Los Angeles.


Our Discipleship Pathway

We believe those with the biggest impact on college campuses for the sake of Christ are students themselves! Therefore, we are committed to the Coalition's discipleship process, or our GPS. We gather students around Christ's Word, prepare them to be leaders on their campuses, and send them to be Christ's witness on their campuses.

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Individual Connection

We believe in personal connection. Pastor Bart is always willing to meet students individually or in small groups over a cup of coffee, tea, smoothie, lunch, etc.! These moments are powerful for prayer, encouragement, and support.

Student Gatherings

We regularly host gatherings for college students to foster community in Christ and connections between students. These gatherings are frequently in home settings or at local spaces and places. And they ALWAYS have food!

Student Internships

Since we believe students themselves have the biggest impact on their campuses, a student internship team is crucial to the ministry. This team is lead by a graduate student intern, and as a team, they get to work together to make an impact on their respective campuses!


Faith & The Classroom Community

We believe in  the power of story. Living out one's faith in college is hard and many students don't have models to look up to while they are living in the thick of it or students don't have the opportunity to share their story. The Faith & The Classroom Community provides the medium for these stories to be shared. 1 student from UCLA and 1 student from CSUN will be chosen to receive an award to assist them in their studies! But make no mistake, we are all about community.

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